Frequently asked Questions

How much will my voice over cost?

Costs vary enormously depending on the size and use of the project. Professional voice overs tend to base rates on a "basic studio fee", which ranges from around £150 per hour of studio time for a beginner, to £250 for an experienced professional like me, right up to £1,000 per hour for celebrity voices. On top of that, any broadcast usage (online, TV, radio) is added on top.

Corporate work that is for internal use only does not carry that extra usage cost. Contact me HERE with your project details and I will get back to you with an estimate asap. I do also occasionally do charity work for free, and will also cut or drop my fees for some low budget startups and projects that excite me, so do please let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do.

That sounds like a lot?

Of course. I get that. It's not immediately obvious what you're paying for with a professional voice, and you may not need a proper pro for your project. Here's what you get:

  • I read your script several times to get familiar with it, and to work out where to place emphasis....breaths etc. I mark it up accordingly.
  • I make sure I have read any directions you have given, and work out how to apply that to the text.
  • I take it into my professionally soundproofed booth and record it with a professional microphone. I re-record anything I wasn't totally happy with the first time around.
  • I sit down at my digital audio workstation and carefully edit your audio, taking out any excessive breaths (but not all of them, or else the audio doesn't sound "human") or mouth clicks.
  • I master the audio using a suite of gold standard industry software, so that it is presented in broadcast quality, ready for insertion into your project.

....and I left out all of the early morning hydration and stretching, gargling and singing we all do to keep our vocal chords supple!

We're similar to professional photographers, in a way. We spend years learning and training, we use super high quality equipment in a rather costly studio, and then spend hours tweaking it in a darkened room staring at a computer screen.

.....and then we do it all over again if you don't like it. You may not be able to get a photographer to do that.

How do I choose the best voice for my project?

There are a lot of people out there posing as qualified voice overs, and to the untrained ear, they can be hard to separate from the professionals. We can spot them from a mile off!

Things to look for in a voice:

Experience. How long have they been a voice over? It takes years of training and experience to get good at voice over, and there just isn't any substitute.

Training. Who did they learn from? There is a huge variety of voice over training available, not all of it good. I trained with the world's number one voice over, Peter Dixon. I even won an award from his company - Gravy for the Brain; seen by most as the very best training available.

Are they members of Equity? The true professionals join Equity, who screen applicants to check that they really are professionals.

Clients. Any experienced professional voice over will be able to rattle off brand names that you will know.

Is a male or female voice better?

It depends entirely on the project. You would probably want to use a female voice if you are promoting products that appeal to women, and a male voice for products that appeal to men, but that's not the only situation in which you should consider the sex of your voice.

If you would like to use a female voice, I can highly recommend the following. I have worked with them all for more years than any of us will admit, and I can vouch for their professionalism and results. Tell them I sent you. I might get a card at Christmas 😉

Emma Hignett

Helen Quigley

Jude Vause-Walsh

What happens if I don't like my recording?

You will. I promise. I'm so certain of this that I will re-record it for free if you're not 100% satisfied (and I'll send any long projects in small pieces so that you can approve each one individually).

Can I really have a free demo? Where's the catch?

No catch. Promise! Drop me a line by clicking HERE and let me know as much as you can about the project, and I'll get back to you asap!

How will my audio be delivered?

Connect to me in high quality via ISDN, ipDTL or Source Connect Now or I'll send it to you via WeTransfer as a WAV, MP3, FLAC....anything you need. I'll even send you a CD in the post if you like.

Can I use my audio anywhere?

Generally we will agree the use of the audio before I record it for you. If you want to use it outside of that initial scope, drop me a line and I'll tell you if you will owe any more.

How long will it take to get my audio back?

In most cases, turnaround is within 24 hours or quicker. Longer projects will take......erm......longer.

How can I enhance your project today?


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