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We find ourselves in uncertain times. The current situation provides an extraordinary number of new challenges to business owners and individuals alike. If you need to communicate with your customers to notify of them of changes to your service during the coronavirus crisis, or to let them know that you are open for business, I can help.

I have a warm, clear and professional voice, fitting with the seriousness of the situation but reassuring and friendly enough to be a perfect fit for your brand image. I can record telephone messages, explainer videos, training modules or host webinars….whatever you need.

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Professional Voice Over

Anthony is a full time professional voice over with a neutral accent and believable style that is “both conversational and persuasive”. His voice has featured in commercials, promotional audio, video and animations across the globe for over 20 years, on TV, radio and online. He recently narrated the NBCUniversal film “The Famous Five” for The Golf Channel, which aired across the USA. 

Experienced, award-winning voiceover with warmth and integrity. Clients include BMW, Porsche, GSK, NBCUniversal, CBS, LEGO and the BBC. Member of the eLearning Guild.

In the UK, he is represented by Damn Good Voices agency. He also has agents in LA, Chicago, New York, Canada and Singapore.

Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

People often ask me if I make my living as a voiceover. It just seems to stand out. It’s not a loud voice, or a particularly deep voice. It’s just a voice that seems to make people stop and listen.

“He’s got one of those voices that makes you want to see what he looks like”, as an old client used to say.

The wider market is a bit like that. There are so many brands vying for your attention that your eyes and ears are bombarded with messages 24/7. In elearning, it’s so hard to find a narrator who can engage the listener. You need one of those voices. The kind of voice over that cuts through all that noise and talks directly to you. 

You know…like you’re a real person?

Let’s tell your story so people will sit up and listen.

I was born to do this job. I have been talking into microphones since I was 6 years old. I have worked in front of and behind the microphone for all of my working life. I was one of the first people in the UK to work with digital audio. I have my own, custom built professional soundproof studio in the heart of Berkshire. I have narrated commercials, US network TV documentaries, e-learning, explainers, product launch videos and corporate presentations for some of the biggest brands on the planet, including Porsche, BMW, NBCUniversal, CBS, BT, GSK, LEGO, ASDA and Aardman Animations.

I treat every customer with the same respect and dedication, be it a 1 minute explainer or a 12 episode TV documentary. I am instantly contactable, provide a response to all queries within an hour where possible, and deliver clean, broadcast quality professional audio every time, guaranteed. Usually within 24 hours.

Give me a shout. Let’s tell your story.

You can listen to my reels HERE. You can read about my ridiculous life HERE.

Your Happiness Guaranteed

Your project

You supply your script and direction, and give me an idea of how you plan to use the audio. This is your project. I will read it however you like

Your agreement

Once we both agree a fair fee based on the length and use of the audio, the voice over work can begin. Turnaround is usually within 24 hours

Your audio

I record your voice over project to your requirements and deliver it in the format of your choice. WAV or MP3 or anything you like

Your happiness!

You are totally delighted with your audio, or I record your voice over again for you. If you STILL don't like it, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY. Simple.

Why me?

My professional voice over booth
My voice booth

You want to pick me because I’m lovely, right?


OK, well I’ve worked with these guys before. Here’s what they thought.

Delivered work at a consistently high standard, efficiently and responsively and with good humour........we would recommend him wholeheartedly for any voiceover work.
finbar hawkins
Creative Director Aardman Animation (Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run etc)
You are a talented pro. Many thanks for the quick turnaround, subtle delivery and attention to detail. In a sea of over-acting carnival-barkers, your delivery is soft and authentic. That’s rare.
Voice over recommendation photo
Jeb Fisher
Director of Video, Advancement Communications at Northeastern University
...a unique voice and style of delivery...both conversational and persuasive. He has a great work ethic, takes direction well and always goes the extra mile to deliver for his clients.
Voice Over Man Himself
peter dickson
voiceoverman (X Factor, The Price is Right, E4, Britain's Got Talent etc)

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